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Invitation to travel agencies and embassy staff

Invitation to travel agencies and embassy staff

Invitation to travel agencies and embassy staff

During the course of trying to render quality services to all our clients and customers, we have discovered that adequate and prompt information is a prerequisite for obtaining any country visa, and we cannot deliver first class services to all our teaming customers and clients without effective collaboration with fellow travel agencies in the travel industry and all stakeholders in various embassies.

Easy Visa is hereby extending an invitation to all stakeholders in all countries embassy both in Nigeria and abroad who have insider advantage to issue or influence visa to potential applicants in their various embassies to contact us for further discussion and visa consultations Read More

The Benefit of traveling overseas from developing country

The benefit of traveling overseas.

The benefit of traveling overseas from a developing country like Nigeria to seek greener pastures, can never be overemphasized due to the current harsh economic condition in the country. Don’t ever let anybody fool or discourage you from going abroad for a greener pasture.

the Benefit of traveling overseas


The question has always been who will build this country if everybody travels overseas? Everybody cannot go overseas that’s not possible, the ones that are willing to go should not be discouraged. A graduate who has no job for over 10 years after graduation is not a nation builder until he’s fully employed to take responsibilities.

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How to earn half a million Naira monthly teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad, Yes you heard me right, you can even make more than half a million Naira (=N=500,000) per month, if you are a qualified English teacher, teaching English language as a foreign language (TEFL) is a hot cake profession in most of the Asian and Middle East countries, even part of Europe. The demand for TEFL Teachers abroad is increasing on daily bases; due to some countries trying to make the English language their business or official language.

Teaching english abroad1

The English language is the language of the future, forget about China language. The number of TEFL Teachers needed in China is the highest in the world. So how can you easily find these teaching jobs and take advantage of this great opportunity to travel abroad? Read is this article to the end and you will see all the opportunities waiting for you.

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How to compare travel insurance policies

When it comes to travel insurance policies, comparing the available ones in the market is very difficult especially if you are new to taking travel insurance policies. Before you begin there are certain things you need to take into considerations, such as Travel cancellation and interruption, personal and health coverage, baggage and special items, benefits, plans, plan types, policies & limitations, support services etc., details of this list later in the article.

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The top 10 questions and answers before you buy travel insurance policy

The top 10 questions and answers that travelers usually ask before they decide to take any travel insurance policy are sometimes very interesting, unlike other insurance policy questions which are very conversant with so many people. If you find yourself among those who travel regularly, travel insurance might be what you will consider seriously. So take a look at the following questions and answers on travel insurance policies.

travel insurance policy

Question 1

Do I really need to have travel insurance before I embark on my trip? Read More