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The top 10 questions and answers before you buy travel insurance policy

The top 10 questions and answers that travelers usually ask before they decide to take any travel insurance policy are sometimes very interesting, unlike other insurance policy questions which are very conversant with so many people. If you find yourself among those who travel regularly, travel insurance might be what you will consider seriously. So take a look at the following questions and answers on travel insurance policies.

travel insurance policy

Question 1

Do I really need to have travel insurance before I embark on my trip?

Answer 1

Yes, you need a travel insurance but not under duress. So many people look at the cost of travel insurance as an extra cost on their travel budget, but you should never travel without it because medical treatment abroad can cost tens of thousands of dollars which you might not afford at that particular time. But remember that travel insurance serves you both financially and cover all the damages incurred throughout your trip.


Question 2

What kind of Travel insurance is ideal for me?

Answer 2

There are two kinds of travel policies, the single and the annual multi-trip policy. It actually depends on the type that really suite your case, usually if you are a frequent flyer that travels more than a dozen times a year or more you should get the annual cover. If you are the type that only travels once a year the single trip policy will be best for you. Also travel insurance policy comes in three major levels; an entry-level plan, mid-level plan and premium plan. In general, mid-level plans provide the best balance between price and coverage while entry-level plans only cover basic items such as trip cancellation or interruption.

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Question 3

How can I find reliable and cheaper travel insurance?

Answer 3

Finding a good and cheaper travel insurance policy doesn’t come easy or cheap because so many of them have hidden clauses that you need to examine thoroughly before you pay. The best way to get the cheapest deal is to shop around for quotes and reading reviews online. You can  try this website for such reviews


Question 4

Can I get travel insurance policy if I had a medical challenge before?

Answer 4

The right answer to the above question is both a Yes and a No. It is only the travel insurance company that can evaluate your present situation before taken such decision. Sometimes it can be more expensive and not all insurers will cover you.

Question 5

Will my destination be covered by all travel insurance company?

Answer 5

No, Most travel insurance companies will never cover a destination that has been considered a dangerous zone, such as the middle east and some countries in Africa, most of the developed countries are well covered by some good travel insurance companies. Always do your due diligence by checking your travel insurance policy

Question 6

How long can I stay on my trip?

Answer 6

The numbers of days or months you intend to stay depending on what is in your visa documents that will determine what time you will request on your policy, but most travel insurers offer minimum single trips lengths of between a month and a year maximum.

Question 7

Can I claim for cancellation before the starts of my vacation?

Answer 7

Yes, most of the insurers allow claims for cancellation before the start of the vacation. As soon as you take out your policy you will be covered, it’s always advisable to buy your travel insurance policy immediately you book your trip. Trip cancellation and interruptions are standard items covered in any trip insurance policy. However, covered items in each plan vary accordingly. Travel insurance comes highly recommended for some travelers especially for those going on special trips or extended vacations


Question 8

Which travel insurance will cover me if I travel for business?

Answer 8

Yes, most of the travel insurance company have some policies which offer business cover as an extra to cover things like your laptop, mobile phone and any other business equipment that you may have, but it’s always advisable to declare that particular equipment to be sure if it can be covered or not


Question 9

How much insurance can I afford?

Answer 9

The number of covered items and benefits are also important. The estimates for a typical travel insurance policy range from 5 to 10 percent of trip costs. So you know where to draw the balance in line with your budget. There are other factors that need to be considered such as Age, destination, and length of travel. Most of the time you get what you paid for.

Question 10

Where is my destination and the daily activities I will be involved in?

Answer 10

After deciding how much you could spend on travel insurance then it’s time to understand what type of protection this could buy you. There’s no use purchasing a cheap travel insurance policy when it’s only worth its value in paper. Each trip is different and the number of things that could go wrong is unique to the trip. Some travel insurance companies offer coverage for adventure trips where the likelihood of injury is high. Some destinations are considered high risks due to political or geographical location so expect premiums to be higher.


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