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Schengen visas that are available right now

Schengen visas that are available right now!

Schengen visa that are available right now

In our series of visas available for processing, we occasionally research some Countries in Schengen region to find out those countries that are very easy to issue a visa to Nigerians and some African Countries in collaboration with our offshore agents that will conclude the processing over there.

Schengen visas that are available right now in our offices are Hungary, Greece, and France. These three Countries are available right now and they’re easy to obtain visas from and only takes a month to be out.

The type of visa we’re talking about here is visitation and tourist visa; it’s a three months visa that grants you access to enter any European Country within the Schengen Countries.

The major advantage of these Countries mentioned above is that you can take a train to go anywhere within the Schengen nation to visit anybody you want to visit and also it allows you to claim asylum or become a refugee in your favorite Country among the Schengen nation of your choice.

The cost of these Schengen visas that are available right now is Seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira (=N=750,000.00) excluding flight ticket and accommodation.

You can use the opportunity to apply for asylum or become a refugee. You can even meet one of your relations in any of Schengen region to accommodate you. Click the link to learn how to apply for asylum when you get to any of the Schengen countries, in case you don’t have anybody to receive you.

Every visa that we process have a time frame and is limited to a particular time and season, whenever you see a new visa post like this, call to make more inquiries to see the details and the processing time involved.

Like I said earlier this is not a work permit visa it’s for visitation and tourism only. One advice I always give to my clients is; the most important thing is to get a visa first before you start talking about work permit and other things. Access to the Country is paramount; all other things can follow when you get there.

Some people will say is not easy, yes that’s true, it is not even easy in Nigeria and nobody said is going to be easy for you in another man’s Country. All you have to do is adapt to their system to get what you want because you will have a better chance to make it quickly and easily in life.

Don’t just take my words for it make an inquiry by yourself to see the difference between your pairs living in abroad and those living in Nigeria, you’ll find out their standard of living is far better than those living in Nigeria and other Africa developing Countries, in respective of their educational level.

N.B Due to some of our customers who are unable to pay for their visa when it’s out we have started collecting commitment fees from all our potential customers and clients to enable them to step up their commitment level and be ready to pay for the visa when it’s out for collection.


My candid advice is If you don’t have Seven hundred and fifty thousand naira (=N=750,000.00) to process Schengen visa, buy my e-book “How to quickly get any Country visa in less than 72 hours” to process any country visa for yourself, don’t just sit down there doing nothing and waiting for God to intervene without even taking the first step to apply for any visa.


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