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How to Migrate To Abroad When You Don’t Know Anybody to Accommodate You

Sometimes it’s difficult to have or know someone who resides in the country you want to migrate to, even if you know somebody they might not be willing to receive you, yes I’m speaking from experience nobody wants any extra responsibility these days from a total stranger, don’t worry as long as you have the visa, most of the problem is half-solved. Don’t let that visa expire, I have a solution to your problem, I will give you several options to explore. Before you leave your home country make sure you have a debit card that you can use internationally for transportation, it’s very important there are some services that don’t accept cash, a typical example is Uber.

This article is based on personal experience, If I had known all these ideas I won’t bother myself calling people who didn’t want to receive me, anyway I have learned my lesson and come to realize everything happens for a reason. Whichever country you are migrating to, make sure you put God first, if you do he will direct you to the right people that will impact your life positively. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of money to survive for a few months before you start hustling. Even if you have someone to accommodate you have it at the back of your mind it’s not going to be easy initially, many people believe when you migrate to abroad you automatically become a millionaire. Read More

What Is Your Purpose Of Traveling Abroad?



Traveling generally is educative and it’s an excellent opportunity to explore new places and learn a lot of things about life.  There are many motives for traveling; you can either travel as a tourist, a visitor, a student, a migrant, a volunteer, a government delegate etc.

The opportunities to travel are endless; what you need to do is to identify the areas that will give you the best chance to get a visa. The desire to know and learn new things is the reason for our existence, what we see and touch stick more to our memory than what we read from books and internet. Read More

Process of Applying for Dubai visa in 2017

The process of applying for Dubai visa from Nigeria and other developing countries continue to change from time to time because of the influx of visitors visiting Dubai yearly. Most people usually require the service of a travel agent for the processing of Dubai visa, In case you decide to process your Dubai visa without an agent, read carefully to understand what you need to apply for the visa. The 2017 updated application form and the rules and regulation are as follows:

A copy of dubai visa

There are different types of Dubai Visa you can apply for as a Nigeria and other developing countries. The notable ones are: Read More