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New batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa is out now!

New batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa

New batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa

A new batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa is out again, this is a great opportunity you have waiting for to lead the life you’ve ever dreamed of. This is a new batch that’s just out this week, please act fast because the offer is limited.

Australia work permit for skilled persons eager to work, and be rewarded handsomely (attractive salary), Australia is known for its luxury and jobs opportunities…Google about the Economy to see the opportunities available for foreigners.

A new batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa Jobs available include:

Waitress, Bartenders,




Sales Executives,


Health Care Specialists,

Child Care Workers,

Security Personnel,

Production Managers,

Activity Directors,

Public Relation Staff,

Disk jockey(DT),


Computer Specialists,

Massage Therapists,


Restaurant Staff,

Hotel Staff,

Farm Managers/Attendants etc.

Australia Work Permit/Visa Featured in this package does NOT include;
– Flight Ticket
– Accommodation
-Health Care
-Feeding (Depending)

Requirements include;
– Valid International Passport
– 2 by 2 Passport Photograph
– Resume’ / CV
– Cover Letter (One Page)
– Certificate and Reference Letter (If any).

Limited Slots Available for this offer.
Note: This opportunity is open to individuals from 18 years of age and above.
Interested persons are to contact the following numbers,;
or send an email to travellingout2020@gmail.com

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For interested person/s, here’s the process involved;The Price is one million eight hundred thousand naira only  (1.8M), and it’s payment after visa/permit is out and confirmed, but a commitment fees of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira(150,000.00) is required for processing and visa application and also you’ll be responsible for your transportation to Abuja or Lagos for interview and submission..

Interested person is to provide the following in soft copy(Scanned copy);
1. Valid International passport data page.
2. Resume/CV
3. 2 by 2 passport photograph
4. Cover letter(1 page) : Having read the post, go through the available jobs, choose the one you know you’re skilled in, write a cover letter(Typewritten, not handwritten), address the letter to Cruise Linear, Australia, indicating in the letter, the position/job you’re applying for. You can google for samples of a cover letter.
5. Certificate and Reference Letter (If any

Australia Work Permit/Visa above listed requirements are to be scanned and sent to travellingout2020@gmail.comOnce sent, your application will commence, job offer takes about a week or more. Once you’ve been given the job, you’ll be notified. After the job is being offered, the visa processing starts, and this takes 5 to 6 weeks to be ready. Once it’s ready, you make your confirmation and pay for the service rendered.

This is only meant for Individuals who are 18 years of age and above. It is also meant for serious persons who are willing to fulfill their own obligation (service pay) once the deed is done. Besides, before the process begins, the client will have to legally fill and sign the agreement form with us

N.B Due to some of our customers who are unable to pay for their visa when it’s out we have started collecting commitment fees from all our potential customers and clients to enable them to step up their commitment level and be ready to pay for the visa when it’s out for collection.

P.S this offer is for a limited time, please take action immediately and call 08062735545 or email travelling2020@gmail.com now!.

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4 Responses to New batch of Australia Work Permit/Visa is out now!

  1. Emeka Malachy says:

    How much is the work permit visa to Australia?

  2. Emeka Malachy says:

    How much is the work permit visa to Australia?

  3. Laura chepkorir says:

    I would like to work with your company.

  4. Aly Telliano says:

    I’m very interested to your program and I applied to be the child care taker because I have more experience in children protection with two different NGO in Guinea as MDE sis in Kissidougou and Enfance du Globe in gueckedou.
    I expect to earing from you.

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