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20 Questions and Answers before applying for U.S Visa

Applying for U.S Visa.

Before applying for U.S Visa, Even if an agent is applying for you or you are applying for yourself you must read and understand this before you take any decision, so many people have been deceived by so-called agents about getting U.S visa.

Before applying for U.S Visa

Are you Applying for U.S Visa? Then read carefully the following questions and answers:

Q.1 how long does my passport have to be valid in order to apply for a U. S. visa?

Before applying for U.S Visa, You must possess a passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). Read More

Process of Applying for Dubai visa in 2017

The process of applying for Dubai visa from Nigeria and other developing countries continue to change from time to time because of the influx of visitors visiting Dubai yearly. Most people usually require the service of a travel agent for the processing of Dubai visa, In case you decide to process your Dubai visa without an agent, read carefully to understand what you need to apply for the visa. The 2017 updated application form and the rules and regulation are as follows:

A copy of dubai visa

There are different types of Dubai Visa you can apply for as a Nigeria and other developing countries. The notable ones are: Read More

How to compare travel insurance policies

When it comes to travel insurance policies, comparing the available ones in the market is very difficult especially if you are new to taking travel insurance policies. Before you begin there are certain things you need to take into considerations, such as Travel cancellation and interruption, personal and health coverage, baggage and special items, benefits, plans, plan types, policies & limitations, support services etc., details of this list later in the article.

travel insurance review Read More

The top 10 questions and answers before you buy travel insurance policy

The top 10 questions and answers that travelers usually ask before they decide to take any travel insurance policy are sometimes very interesting, unlike other insurance policy questions which are very conversant with so many people. If you find yourself among those who travel regularly, travel insurance might be what you will consider seriously. So take a look at the following questions and answers on travel insurance policies.

travel insurance policy

Question 1

Do I really need to have travel insurance before I embark on my trip? Read More

Process of traveling abroad for a visit or work

Process of traveling abroad for a visit or work

The first thing you need to do regarding the Process of traveling abroad is to check out the embassy website of the country you intend to visit

Traveling to an unknown destination need to be carefully planned, there are certain processes you need to follow before you travel abroad from any other countries of the world. First thing first before you travel abroad you will need an international passport then a visa in it, either a free visa or not before you can embark on your journey. Visa processing and types vary from country to country.

Process of traveling abroad

A visa is an official stamp in your passport allowing you temporary permission from a foreign country to enter that country.   Countries that require a Read More