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Process of traveling abroad for a visit or work

Process of traveling abroad for a visit or work

The first thing you need to do regarding the Process of traveling abroad is to check out the embassy website of the country you intend to visit

Traveling to an unknown destination need to be carefully planned, there are certain processes you need to follow before you travel abroad from any other countries of the world. First thing first before you travel abroad you will need an international passport then a visa in it, either a free visa or not before you can embark on your journey. Visa processing and types vary from country to country.

Process of traveling abroad

A visa is an official stamp in your passport allowing you temporary permission from a foreign country to enter that country.   Countries that require a pre-arranged visa (before you arrive at the airport) will typically require you to provide a few passport sized photos, the fee and for you to meet any other requirements of entry.  This can be done through the countries embassy in Nigeria or abroad, through travel agents or by using a commercial company on the net like the Easy visa.  In all instances, you will be without your passport for varying lengths of time while the embassy issues the visa. It’s important to remember having a valid visa, or that entitlement for visa-free entry does not guarantee entry to the country in question.  A range of reasons can be given for the denial of entry. and your safety in that country is very important.


Worrying about the potential dangers which await you in a foreign land can be a little overwhelming particularly if you have not done a lot of travel. Is my destination safe? The best approach to this fear is to remember your worries are often exaggerated by the unknown element of travel overseas. Dwelling on your safety while planning your trip will inevitably lead to further paranoia yet ignoring any potential risks only furthers your chance of being robbed or worse.

Depending on how well your government gets on with the government of your destination country you might not need a visa at all because there are visa free countries for Nigerian and citizens of other countries or you might have to endure considerable hassle to get the stamp you need at the point of entry.

In the early stages of planning your trip, it is really important to check which countries require a visa and what is required for entry. Check out Project Visa (http://www.projectvisa.com/) which links up with the visa pages on most embassy websites worldwide.


Process of traveling abroad, get the free visa guild

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EasyVisa.com.ng is a travel agency company that can help you with arrangements in applying for certain visa’s online.  You will still have to send your passport away for each visa.

If you are using a travel agent they should also be able to help with arranging your visas (usually with hefty fees to courier your passport).  Always double check visa information; people make mistakes and a new agent might simply not realize you need a visa. This is bad.

Always review visa information just before you travel as things can change quickly. Apart from the costs involved in getting different visas, some consulates can be slow in issuing visas and you need to factor this into your planning.   You can only apply for one visa at a time as you have to send your passport away for each.

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Different types of visas

There are five basic types of visas; tourist, transit, business student and working holiday etc.

  1. Tourist visas typically last from 30 – 90 days and will not allow you to work in that country.   This is the most common visa.
  2. The working holiday visa is a way to mix sightseeing with work. Unfortunately, Nigerians can only get working holiday visas in a few countries watch out for this auricle very soon
  3. A transit visa is for very brief stays in a country when you’re heading somewhere else within the next few days.  They are strictly for passing through; any plans to stay longer than a day or two and you will need a different visa.
  4. A student visa is needed if you plan to study while overseas.  Check local embassy websites for information.
  5. Business visas are for working in a country where you will require sponsorship from your employer.  You won’t be able to work for anybody else and these visas can be highly difficult to arrange.

Single or multiple entries?

Typically a tourist visa will be either single or multiple entries.  Single entry just means that you can enter and leave the country once, while multiple entries mean you can come and go during the validity of the visa.

Multiple entry visas will usually cost more, but if you plan to use a country as a base they can be worth the extra expense.

Process of traveling abroad, get the free visa guild

The United Kingdom is one example; often you will have to prove you have sufficient funds to support your stay, contact details of somebody within the UK  It pays to have this information at the ready.

It’s a good idea if you are on an extended trip to take plenty of passport sized photos with you; they will save time if you lose your passport, need a police report or for any other reasons


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Process of traveling abroad, get the free visa guild

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