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How to Migrate To Abroad When You Don’t Know Anybody to Accommodate You

Sometimes it’s difficult to have or know someone who resides in the country you want to migrate to, even if you know somebody they might not be willing to receive you, yes I’m speaking from experience nobody wants any extra responsibility these days from a total stranger, don’t worry as long as you have the visa, most of the problem is half-solved. Don’t let that visa expire, I have a solution to your problem, I will give you several options to explore. Before you leave your home country make sure you have a debit card that you can use internationally for transportation, it’s very important there are some services that don’t accept cash, a typical example is Uber.

This article is based on personal experience, If I had known all these ideas I won’t bother myself calling people who didn’t want to receive me, anyway I have learned my lesson and come to realize everything happens for a reason. Whichever country you are migrating to, make sure you put God first, if you do he will direct you to the right people that will impact your life positively. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of money to survive for a few months before you start hustling. Even if you have someone to accommodate you have it at the back of your mind it’s not going to be easy initially, many people believe when you migrate to abroad you automatically become a millionaire.

As I said earlier the storyline is from my personal experience, I will use the United State of America as a case study, the idea can work almost anywhere in the world if you prepare yourself before leaving, what I mean prepare yourself is to study the country and the state you’re going to live, it’s very important and will save you a lot of time and money, you will know what to expect. If you’re black look for a state where black people have a large population and if you’re white look for a state where white people have a large population. Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter racism still exists I’m not a racist, I’m just speaking from my experience and observation.

There are three options for you to explore, They are:

  1. Staying in the cheapest hotel
  2. Using Airbnb
  3. Get a room from the locals

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Staying in the cheapest hotel: This is one of the most famous ways from time immemorial to stay in any place you don’t know, if you do your research very well, you will have a less expensive hotel to lodge, but you can’t compare it with option 2 and 3 which I’m about to reveal to you. I know some people find it difficult to do some things online, you can tell a friend or family member to assist you. Don’t be too shy to ask for help, nobody knows everything, is just that we all have areas where we are better than each other, anybody that tells you he knows everything actually knows nothing at all.

Moreover, you are going to be staying for a very long time it’s not advisable to lodge in a hotel for more than two weeks to get a permanent place because of the expenses. If you are the fastest type you can even make arrangements for a permanent place in less than two weeks depending on the area you intend to live. Immediately you drop your bag in the hotel rest for a moment before you begin your search.

  1. Using Airbnb: The second option is to use Airbnb, I will show you how it works in a few minutes if you have never used it before, it’s not difficult. Airbnb stands for Air-bed and breakfast is an online platform that connects hosts renting out space in their homes to guests seeking lodging for much cheaper prices than an average hotel. Airbnb offers a variety of filters that help guests find the right listing, a chat system that connects hosts to guests directly, and handles secure payments through the site. Airbnb takes a 3% commission from bookings as well as a 6% to12% service fee from the guests.

How Does Airbnb Work for Guests like you?

Airbnb makes it easy and inexpensive to find the best deal for your destination. As a guest, you can go on the Airbnb website and search through dozens of filters like area (city, country), space (if you need a room or house). I know You don’t need a house to rent you need a room, so, search for a room in the country or state you are migrating to.

To get started browsing listings, you need to create a profile on Airbnb and provide information and go through verification like a profile picture and ID. Once you’ve completed and filled in basic information, you can browse over one million listings worldwide. Make sure you put the correct dates and number of guests to ensure you are getting the best price and that your trip will go smoothly. Additionally, take advantage of Airbnb’s contact program to speak directly with the host and work out details or get any questions answered before booking.

When you’ve found a listing you want to book, depending on the host’s preferences, you will either instantly book the listing or can request to book it. With Instant Book, you will be able to reserve the listing right away with no additional steps. If the host has chosen to approve bookings beforehand, you can choose Request to Book, which will prompt you to put in your payment details and wait for the host to approve your request – within 24 hours of submitting it.

Once you’ve been approved for the listing, you will provide payment details and can coordinate with the host about specifics like getting keys or passcodes to your accommodation.

Get a room from the locals: Even if you found a good offer in Airbnb it’s not as cheap as a room you get from locals without a third party platform, with this option, there’s no extra fee to pay no commission and registration, it’s an agreement between you and the owner, as long as you pay your rent when it’s due. Where do you get those locales? Normally, if you migrate to areas where you have Africa stores you get their contacts from the store managers, you can also ask for a place where they post such advert, people are always looking for a way to cut their bills, so, it’s not difficult to see someone of them give out extra room for rent.

If you re not black you can also get such contact from a popular place where the white people hang around or from glossary store, though most of the houses will say no subletting, people just have to survive so they do it every day, it’s cheaper for you because you don’t have to go through any verification and running a background checks as a new migrant and it also reduces the owner monthly bills. So it’s a win-win situation.

If you don’t learn anything in this article take this advice home, as a new migrant know the people you mingle with, and the kind of advice you take from them, because it will mold your future and define your part in life, never mingle with people that don’t have the same interest with you, if you do you’re heading to failure. .Most people living abroad for a long time will tell you they know everything, where as they know nothing, when you try to tell them about what you intend to do, they tell you, we have been here for a long time, that plan won’t work.

When you ignore them and go ahead and implement your plan and they see it working for you they start hating and envying you, immediately you notice that run away from them like the plaque, they can go to any length to bring you down, or when they start telling you how they suffer before getting their papers, just know they dislike you, they want you to suffer like them before you start making progress, not knowing destiny is not the same.

That’s it folks, hope you got something out of this article if you see anything I didn’t mention in this article, fill free to contact me to make the world a better place.


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