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How to earn half a million Naira monthly teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad, Yes you heard me right, you can even make more than half a million Naira (=N=500,000) per month, if you are a qualified English teacher, teaching English language as a foreign language (TEFL) is a hot cake profession in most of the Asian and Middle East countries, even part of Europe. The demand for TEFL Teachers abroad is increasing on daily bases; due to some countries trying to make the English language their business or official language.

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The English language is the language of the future, forget about China language. The number of TEFL Teachers needed in China is the highest in the world. So how can you easily find these teaching jobs and take advantage of this great opportunity to travel abroad? Read is this article to the end and you will see all the opportunities waiting for you.

Thank God you can speak and write the English language very well even if you are not an English teacher. Don’t worry about qualifications I will tell you how to go about that if you subscribe to my email list.

Teaching English abroad as a second language, (TESL), teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) or teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) don’t get confused all of them basically mean the same thing. In Asia and part of Europe, this is a hot profession for people who are desperate to travel abroad especially if you are a native speaker.

Though if you are from Nigeria or Ghana they might want to regard you as a non-native speaker don’t mind them just go ahead and present your qualification to them and they will gladly accept you.


This is an opportunity that can see you earning over a thousand dollars every month, sometimes with free accommodation and visa, depending on your qualifications and your negotiations; as long as you follow my advice and subscribe to my email list and process the specific countries of choice I will recommend, you will land a good offer.

Don’t just take my words for it you need to find out by yourself why English language teaching as a second language TEFL is a hot cake, many countries want to make English language an official language, because is the language of the future the likes of Kazakhstan, Cambodia, China, just to mention a few are desperately in need of English language teacher all over the world. These countries are recommended places to start searching for opportunity.

So, you know that you’re ready for a change; a brand new start. But you’re not sure what shape that new start should take – should you get a new job? How about a move to a new town? Take up an exciting new hobby? Or move to the other side of the world to experience an exciting new country and gain skills for life teaching English abroad?

Teaching English abroad is an unbeatable way to discover all the wonders of our vast world, whilst getting under the skin of a brand new culture in a way no tourist would be able to. Uprooting and moving to a new country may sound scary, but if you’re ready for a new adventure it could be just what you need – and the process can really be quite straightforward.

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Where do we begin?

The very first decision to make towards teaching the English language abroad is to get an English language qualification. The available qualifications are, TESL, TEFL and TESOL all of them are basically the same things as I said earlier.

 Teaching english abroad

Get TEFL qualified                                                                    

This is the first step to have in place when you start getting excited about where you want to teach. Not only will you need to know your stuff, but most overseas establishments will ask for a qualification of at least 120 hours too. There are lots of different types of TEFL course ranging from 120 hour online courses to heavy-duty CELTA qualifications, but unless you’re seriously looking to make a career out of TEFL, you’re probably best sticking with an online course that can be completed relatively quickly in your spare time.

Alternative qualification to TEFL

You know I told you I will show you how to easily get alternative qualification without wasting your money on expensive TEFL Exams only if you join my email list. Though offline TEFL is the best if you have the money, the cost of TEFL in Nigeria is one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) that is about seven hundred and fifty thousand naira (=N=750,000.00) and their office is at Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria.

You can also take their online course at a lesser price if you have a laptop and internet access. Some of the countries to start your search are as follows:

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Japan etc.

If you need a full list of the countries and directories of the jobs that come with free accommodation and a visa buy the eBook or subscribe to the email list.

That’s it folks take action stop wasting your hard earn money with so-called travel agents that you know better than.

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