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Top 10 tips to consider before crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe

Alternative route to Europe

This is the part two of the articles on the top 10 tips to consider before you embark on the journey crossing the desert and the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, there are Alternative routes to Europe and the best way to go abroad is not only through the desert and the sea. Traveling abroad from Nigeria and other Africa countries, heavily relied on crossing the Mediterranean sea, Migrants from Libya to Europe are aware of the risk and still decided to take.

Alternative route to Europe

Like I said earlier on the previous article it is not in any way encouraging illegal migration through the desert and the Sea to Europe but to let you know the danger involve in the adventure. The journey from Tripoli to the sea shore before crossing the Mediterranean Sea is not as risky as crossing the Sahara desert in term of the security that is not to say that you are any way safe.for

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There are many country specific coast guard at the sea such as Libya, Malta, Morocco etc. if you are caught by any of these coast guards at the international waters that is bad luck for you they will return you to Libya or Morocco, apart from Italian coast guard and some other UN rescue teams Like doctors without borders that will take you to the camp in Italy no other way out, except if you have access to the Turkey to Greece route which was considered a safer way to Europe than the path from Libya to Italy, which accounted for roughly 77 percent of deaths.

Alternative route to Europe see this E-book

The following top ten tips is very important read it as if your life depend on it you embark on the dangerous journey:

1 Don’t go out from where you are camped:

The smugglers that will take you to Tripoli from Sabha will instruct you not to go out from your hideout where you are kept, there are bad gangs waiting for illegal migrants to kidnap, don’t try to be smarter than your smugglers by leaving your camp to see how the city of Tripoli look like.

2 Make sure your smugglers know when to enter the Sea: Smugglers don’t work alone, they have networks both offshore and onshore informants. These are the people who tell them when to enter the sea or not. If the weather condition is not favorable they wont risk it because they have reputation to protect to get more customers, if there is no sign of any rescue team on the the international waters they wont move.

3 Dispose all your belongings you don’t need them: Don’t try to hold on to anything once you are on the boat they don’t matter anymore, what matter most at that particular time is your life anything iron or any other metals can cause fire outbreak which will be very disastrous, so do away with anything that will cause fire outbreak.

4 Have a mental picture of your Journey at the sea: this point is very important as it was well discussed on the previous article TOP 10 TIPS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU CROSS THE SAHARA DESERT TO EUROPE, be ready for the eventuality because nobody told you it was going to be easy journey from the onset. At this time your life depend on the time the rescue team will arrived pray hard for them to come on time if not only God Know what will happen.

5 No food and water at the sea: Unlike the desert you will not be allow to take any food along with you on the boat so be prepared for a longer time to stay without food. At this time I think this is the least of your problem,

Alternative route to Europe

6 No life Jacket for anybody: On normal occasions it’s very important to put on a life jacket on a short distance boat ride. If you are crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe on a smugglers rubber dinghy boat that cannot even cross Ordinary River, don’t expect one except when a rescue team comes to your rescue that is when to expect a life Jacket, though the rescue has become part of the journey or else no one will make to Italy

7 The boat is an overcrowded wooden fishing boat or a rubber dinghy: That’s what will take you to international water from Libya coast without a life Jacket, like I said before the chances of surviving is very slim know this before you take the risk. Before the boats even make it to international waters they are already run out of fuel.

8 The shortest distance between Italy and Libya is 1,776 km= 1,104 miles: That is the shortest distance that you will cover before you get to Europe, how do you expect  a boat of that nature to cover such distance? so have it at the back of your mind, it’s not for the faint in heart the chances of survival is 50-50.Remember also that the chances of dying on the Libya to Italy route are ten times higher than when crossing from Turkey to Greece.

9 your life depends on when a rescue team arrives: This is where everything matters most, the whole planning and preparations depend on when the right rescue team arrives. This is where good and well informed smugglers play their role. They must have a good network onshore and offshore to be able to know when to move or not.

10 Believe in yourself that you will make it: If you have everything to live for I believe you will endure to the very end. This is what one of the rescue team members has to say,” Ponthieu said. “Smugglers don’t sell the journey to Italy, they sell the journey to international waters. So these boats will never make it further than that. If they make it to international waters, people are lucky. There’s no fuel. People have no life jackets almost in all cases. The boats are very bad quality — they will never last long in such dangerous seas … There’s no food on board, there’s no water.”for Alternative route to Europe see this E-book


Top 10 tips to consider before crossing the Sahara Desert to Europe


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