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Top 10 tips to consider before crossing the Sahara Desert to Europe

This article is not in any way promoting or encouraging illegal migration but to let you know what to expect on your way when crossing From Agadez in Niger to Qatroun or Sabha and to Tripoli in Libya which is part one of the Dangerous journey to Europe.This top 10 tips will make you think twice before you embark on the journey And part two is risking death in the Mediterranean Sea, few people actually made it to the new security fences at Calais, which is another Topic for another day. for an Alternative route to Abroad get this E-book

Before you Start your journey to Europe through the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea read the following tips carefully because is not for the faint in heart. Most migrants from West Africa must pass along Niger-Libya route through the Sahara desert, so if you are from West Africa getting to Agadez in Niger is not a big deal, the real journey start from Agadez. for an Alternative route to Abroad get this E-book


1 Have mental picture of how your journey is going to look like: For example the smugglers journey once a week, along with 30 passengers in their Hilux pick-up truck you see how tight congested it could be inside the truck, let say your journey starts in Agadez from there to Tripoli is going to take you about three days or more, So just have it in mind you are spending a week in the desert plus or minus. So prepare for the unexpected. Everything starts with your mind as soon as you have made up your mind and took the decision to embark on the journey you must be ready to bear the consequence.to say the least, the journey is dangerous and rough. And once anyone gets lost, they run out of fuel – and then water. And if there is no water, you won’t survive for more than three days.



2 Know who your Smugglers are their reputation in the business and how long they have been in Business: You can’t see the road from Agadez in Niger to Libya. Only a select few local drivers know which dunes lead across the Sahara and which ones lead to oblivion. And in three days of driving, there are plenty of wrong turnings to make. If your smugglers don’t  know the desert like the palm of their hand you can get lost, kidnaped or get killed so many have died in the desert by missing their way, sometimes.Each time the route looks different as a result of regular sandstorms that change the shape of the desert like the one that happens in 2014.


3 Make your cash available anytime you need it on your way: This is very important, there is no way you will not encounter a problem on your way even if your smugglers are notorious. The keeping money somewhere at home to be sent anytime you need it is very crucial for the journey or else you will become a slave in Sabha.


4 Don’t go with all your money on the journey because they will collect it from you: The desert is dangerous is not an exaggeration so many atrocities are committed here because the security is not there at all. Then there are bandits: rival smugglers, jihadist, or simply opportunists looking to steal cars, leaving their previous drivers in the desert. If you’re lucky you will be rescued, If you’re not, they’ll kill you and your passengers as well

5 Have an estimate of what will take you to Libya and also, to cross the Mediterranean Sea: This is where you need to contact smugglers to know or have an estimate of what the journey will take so that you will not be stranded or short of cash before you embark on the journey. Also, bear in mind emergency situations always comes up, especially when you are in Sabha. Have an estimate of about one thousand dollars minimum. for an Alternative route to Abroad get this E-book

6 Make a proper arrangement for Smugglers in Qatroun or Sabha because that is where your Journey starts: The Libya Government doesn’t have control over the town Sabha, this is where you need to be careful, the crime rate in Sabha is over 150%, If you succeeded crossing the Sahara desert from Agadez to Sabha thank God for that, this is where you need a good smuggler if your smuggler is well known in the business you will get kidnap and sold into slavery and if don’t have enough money to pay the ransom, you can spend eternity here working to pay the ransom your abductors placed on your head.


7 Make proper arrangement at home on who will be sending you money in case you get into trouble: When you are in desperate situation and you need money to sort yourself out quick response can avoid a matter of life and death or a serious injury.So make a solid arrangement for it and make sure the person you give your money to keep for you are trustworthy and reliable.

8 Get some snacks like Gala and biscuits that will not easily get spoilt while you are in the desert: There is no food or water in the desert and don’t expect anyone to give to you so make some arrangement for it before living home, unless you want to do dry fasting and prayers throughout the journey which is very nice that is my own opinion.


9 There is no security throughout the journey, you are on your own: As I have earlier said if your smugglers are not well known in the business you and your smugglers could get killed or kidnap. Sabha is one of Libya’s most lawless towns, large parts of the city are inaccessible to residents, depending on their tribal background. “Nobody controls Sabha and no feels safe there.


10 Never disobeyed your smuggler; if you do you can get kidnaped or killed: Obedience is better than sacrifice if your smugglers say move and when they say stop you stop little disobedience can lead you to serious trouble. It is the smugglers that understand the terrain and they are the ones that run the show. Read; Top 10 tips to consider before crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe

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